airplane clothpin crafts for kids


Foam craft sticks
You will also need clothes pins handy

They are also extremely easy to cut! So, I cut one for the wings in the front and pictured here are the wings for the back.

You can use cold or hot glue to glue on the fin on the back.

That’s it! I thought they turned out pretty cute for a little quick kid’s craft!

Super Cute Egg Carton Chicks

These super cute egg carton chicks are the perfect kids’ craft for spring.
The kids will love making them and it’s a fun way to reuse something old to make something new.


egg carton

acrylic paint & brush

glue, scissors, marker

construction paper

1. Cut apart two egg holders from the carton and trim off the excess on the edges
2. Glue the two pieces together
3. Paint
4. Add a beak and some eyes
And that’s it! With such few supplies needed, this is a great last minute craft for a rainy day. I had everything I needed in my craft supply stash.
I did find that using hot glue worked the best for gluing the two egg carton pieces together, so if you decide to go that route, the little ones would need a little help with this project. Otherwise, white glue works fine, it just needs a little bit of extra holding time.

And while we are talking about recycling, reusing, and turning something old into something new, have you heard of the EcoAdvanced batteries from Energizer?
Since moving into our new house just last week, I’m finding that a lot of the little dude’s toys that were in storage now have dead batteries. And since the packs of batteries are probably in the same box as my shower curtains I haven’t found yet, I decided a trip to Walmart was much needed for both batteries and a new shower curtain.

While perusing the battery center near the check-outs for AA batteries, I found EcoAdvanced batteries which are the first batteries on the market to use recycled materials. These are a new product and available in both AA and AAA.

And with how many batteries we go through these days (even though I wouldn’t mind if a few of these toys never made a noise again) it’s good to know these batteries are Energizer’s longest lasting alkaline ever. So now I can have the ABC singing dinosaur’s songs stuck in my head forever.